Wednesday, August 1, 2007


“I am often asked why after having carved a significant niche for myself and becoming a recognized name in Interiors with prestigious projects - I have diversified into art, craft & couture.

-To my mind it is not such a radical shift at all. As a lover of the arts, every act sublimates itself in a variety of expressions and mediums, an extension of a prolific outpouring of the creative urge that seeks expression in all available avenues. Design is almost a compulsive obsession -

I almost cannot see a space or fabric or canvas without my mind and vision clicking with ideas to enhance it to its paramount potential aesthetic function in accordance with my vision.

When doing an interior space, a visual takes over the mental plane of a painting that would make a space come alive and throb into a living breathing arena that speaks individuality for the owner.
That is how infact I did those momentous murals on the walls, for the Lisa Ray project transporting it into a work still cited in most design magazine and style shows. Or Zeenat Aman’s residence, And The Jaipore Airport where I painted the peacock that was the central theme of the lounge which I designed. The Blue pottery tiles that embellished the ceilings were reproduced from a painting I had done.

It’s as if I’ve always understood it. -The creative impetus is a river that overflows to sustain varied fields along the way. Sometimes there is an upsurge of ideas; I find it difficult to keep pace with my innumerable ideas, the visions drawn by my mind.

DESIGN is the most natural extension of my personal love for style, color, fluidity, the loves are synergetic, part of every expression &thought.

Remodeling interior spaces is an abiding passion, a profession I qualified for in the US. at the Brooks college of Design -a part not only of brand ‘Nisha JamVwal’ but my creative journey.
Why must life compartmentalize itself into preformatted roles, into musts and must nots; into narrow career paths and one goal;
I am flowing with the current of art that has taken expression in different media, interiors, writing, art, couture and hosting a lifestyle show.
I sublimate myself to my journey throught the arts and my creations.

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Deepika Sharma said...

Nisha your blog is very nice especially the fashion section is interesting. Keep working on it.